Professional Thesis Proofreading Service

Why Your Thesis Needs Proofreading

Many scholars think that proofreading is just a light review of a document after it is edited. However, it is the final rectification of your draft.

The prime reason that you need proofreading is that almost all of us suffer from editorial blindness.

When we screen our own draft, being familiar with the written content, we tend to overlook even conspicuous mistakes. Hence, professional proofreading is imperative as we need another pair of eyes to review our thesis draft critically to make it error - free.

Even minor linguistic errors can unimpress your reviewing committee and mar your hard work.

At Miller Editing Center, our proofreaders will make your thesis flawless and increase its chances of getting higher grades.

Our Professional Thesis Proofreading Service Assurance

Our thesis proofreading service ensures that all kinds of grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes are fixed. Changes such as accurate presentation of images, diagrams and graphs, heading numbering and labeling are also incorporated. Projects are solely assigned to Subject Matter Experts who can scrutinize any discrepancy effortlessly.


Our proofreaders aim to take your thesis a few notches higher and set it apart. Without leaving even a single error, we strive hard to make your hard work presentable.


If your thesis submission deadline approaching fast and you are interested in making your the language of your thesis error free, then feel free to approach us. Write to us at and our team will revert within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

Isn't it always better to know about the service price before making the deal? This is exactly what we do! Let us prepare a free quote for you with our price calculator.

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