Manuscript Proofreading Service

If you have been working hard on a manuscript for submission to a renowned publication, then it is a prerequisite to proofread it thoroughly as it is a crucial step to boost your academic reputation. Professional proofreading of manuscript is quite different from that of the other academic documents. This is because manuscripts are meant for publication and their target audience is of a different league. Sometimes it can be an American audience and sometimes British. Even minor deviations like US and UK spellings can make a huge difference. And, therefore, it is imperative that it is framed in a language that is easy for the readers to understand and relate to.

At Miller Editing Center, we review and proofread your manuscript in a manner that the language is flawless and as per the preferences of target readers.

How We Work

  • Our team consists of academic experts, college professors and editors associated with leading publication houses from around the world. And, hence we are able to recognize the needs of both English speakers from various continents and non-native scholars.
  • Our trained proofreaders delve deeply into your document and rectify grammatical errors as well as the syntax and punctuation.
  • We not only work on simple typographical and spelling errors, but also take care of aesthetic issues like those of spacing, alignment, and hyphenation. Additionally, we provide a document with instructions to enable you in improving the quality of your manuscript further.

We also provide a customised package wherein you can have other services like editing and formatting along with proofreading to make your manuscript perfect. However, if you are a native and are well versed with academic writing, you can only avail proofreading service.

For further details, please write to us at and our team will revert within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

Isn't it always better to know about the service price before making the deal? This is exactly what we do! Let us prepare a free quote for you with our price calculator.

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