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Research candidates strive hard to get their Research Papers published in a High Impact Factor Journal or publication. Although being astute researchers, they face a lot of complications during the writing process.

While majority of them belong to the ESL category and have a low grasp on the language, others face issues while referencing and citing. It is important to note that even native English speakers have a tough time while understanding academic writing styles.

Therefore, taking professional help becomes unquestionable when researchers are well versed with the fact that their work would be scrutinized by expert peer reviewers and journal editors.

How We Meet Your Review Needs

By helping you to follow journal guidelines:

When you submit your draft to our team, our editor studies it closely and assists you in following both simple guidelines like word count & margins to complex ones like the representation of diagrams & charts. Multiple revisions are performed by our editors to ensure that there is no impediment in the publishing of your paper in your preferred journal.

By guiding you with citation/referencing:

Wrongly cited or under cited references increase the probability of allegations of plagiarism and in extreme cases, even rejection of your work by a publication house.

Our editors at Miller Editing, having easy access to a large repository of scholarly books, journals and magazines, will help you in performing the extensive citation and referencing in an accurate manner. We will also guide you in adhering to the respective citation style (MLA, APA etc.).

By making your paper flawless:

Our editors assess and review the cohesiveness and validity of your research document to see if it is making sense scientifically. Our team pays a special attention towards the clarity, cohesiveness, tone alongwith the sentence structure and vocabulary.

To ensure that your content flows smoothly and flawlessly, a thorough editing is done by our specialised editors (holding Masters & PhD degrees in various fields). With our journal paper editing service, we ensure that your paper is refined as per the journal editors' expectations.

With our multiple-round editing, we target to make your document a valuable piece of academic writing. Even if your work is in bad shape, you can easily rely on us to help it revive.

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How much does it cost?

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